An innovative solution to dematerialize design collections

Discover the magic of a new catalog

You realize that it is immaterial only because you are using a smart devise

Materials, textures, colors: all you need to visualize before production

No more limits to creativity from now on

Immaterial creates a new reality

A new table? A chair? An alternative floor? A painting? The office? The meeting room? The kitchen?
The most powerfyl and versatile of all catalogs enriched with infinite variations through Immaterial Reality in a 360° view.

Immaterial catalog: a natural sensory experience at any distance

Sales Management: simpler, better, more sophisticated, with less travel
More effective sales

Seeing is believing: the product is in your environment with high visual quality and a natural look. Simplifying the commercial process helps you meet your sales objectives.

Cost reduction

Use Sense technology and save: fewer samples, less packaging, lower logistic and transport costs

Pre-collections, samples and prototypes

Manage and update unlimited catalogs – past, present and future – avoiding superfluous samples and prototypes. A dream come true: preview different natural looks and finishes applied to your space, anytime, anywhere.


Your business can generate a wider range of products if it can move faster. From product concept, through market tests, to customer delivery, SenseSurfaces makes the difference in speed of implementation.

Respect the Planet and waste less

Immaterial sampling reduces the ecoburden to a minimum. Sustainable sampling reduces costs in all product life-cycle phases, with no sacrifice of your broader and personalized offerings. Sustainable sampling from concept to initial production, from supply maturity to product phase-out. With SenseSurfaces you respect our Planet.

Manufacturers and retailers of Furniture

Enrich the showroom and the in-store experiences with Sense Immaterial Reality. Bring your product experiences to the customer’s home. Showing a wide range of product choices and finishes anytime, anywhere will delight your customers and increase sales potential.

Manufacturers of design surfaces

From metal to plastic, from rubber to resin, from stone to wood: whatever the material, the immaterial knows no limits.

Architects, designers and planners

With SenseSurfaces, projects become more natural and realistic. From artistic expression to visual concreteness, the immaterial merges with real, involving the customer through interaction with natural, hight-quality virtual objects and materials.

Communication agencies

Events, product launches, virtual catalogs… communication acquires a new dimension: the immaterial one.

Even the best catalogs can be improved

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