ArticleIs Immaterial Reality the New Normal?

Is Immaterial Reality the New Normal?

Do you think it’s impossible to touch a digital fabric? What if we’ll tell you it’s easy?
The global health situation has forced the fashion industry to undergo a formidable transformation that is happening in real time. The time to discover the immaterial revolution has arrived and Sense – Immaterial Reality makes it happen.
In addition to creating awareness about fast fashion, we are echoing the message that revolution is part of everything we do as a collective community.

Our cutting-edge solutions transform your traditional catalogues, collections, and sales into digital, innovative, and sustainable experiences with a touch of magic.

Immaterial Reality is something new, yet to be explored, and capable of taking the fashion business forward.

Outfit 01 | SS24 Fabric & Menswear Sense Collection

Like anything new, you have to get used to its presence and use it, until it becomes your normality. Once you have experienced the Immaterial Reality, e-commerce, catalogues, collections, events, marketing & communication will no longer seem the same, they will seem devoid of a component, the Immaterial one.
Sense Fabric Platform is the easiest way to digitize, showcase, and sell fabric collections. Is an integrated solution composed of: Sense Fabric Mobile App, Magic Box and Textile Asset Manager.

Simulation of the Immaterial Fabric inside Sense Fabric App | Sense Fabric Platform

3D Garment in Immaterial Reality inside your environment | Sense Fabric Platform

Sense Fabric App is not only a next-generation immaterial textile catalogue but a complete working tool that starts with fabric dematerialization and goes up to the sales process. The Magic Box is an innovative tool fully developed internally by the Sense team, capable of dematerialising physical fabrics in a couple of minutes with no specific skills.
By adopting the Sense Platform, you respect our Planet: immaterial fabrics minimize the pollution produced in all phases of the sample life cycle from creation to shipment to the customer.

With Immaterial Reality, your remote sales and your e-commerce will never be the same: our solutions, integrated with Sense Appeal (the next-generation remote sales, marketing & creation web platform) will create even more engaging sessions where your customer will become an active part of the immaterial experience.

The world of fashion has long been contaminated by digital: CAD tools, 3D modelling, and rendering have been, for years, everyday tools to describe and show projects and objects but, up to now, they have not been able to convey and allow to appreciate the real three-dimensionality of the product presented. Immaterial Reality, on the other hand, offers this possibility and is a further tool to communicate and make the moment of presentation even more exciting. 

Only simple, useful, and effective solutions can become the new normal. We make it happen with a pinch of magic.

Sense - immaterial Reality as a solution provider featured in the Global Fashion Agenda’s Innovation Forum

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