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Italian fashion is back in the spotlight at this year’s Milano Unica, the leading textile exhibition in Italy. The event offers a unique opportunity to discover the latest innovations in fabrics and textiles, as well as to meet the companies that are shaping the future of fashion.

This year, Sense – Immaterial Reality are presenting their corner with 100% digitally made collection and digitalised fabrics. The collection represents a new era of digital fashion technologies entering to the very heart of the fashion industry.

Red Eye is here to capture the momentous shift Sense is creating in the fashion industry.

Sense has developed a complete platform capable of helping all companies in textile production to enter the digital world without the need to have personnel with specific technical skills in-house.

The Magic Box is a black box, fully developed internally by the Sense team, capable of dematerialising physical fabrics in a couple of minutes. The Magic Box extracts the digital maps that are necessary for the creation of an immaterial fabric and the outcome is completely comparable to the real one. All a person has to do is insert the physical sample inside the machine and start the dematerialization process by pressing a button. From now on, the Magic Box will do its magic: it will extract the maps, create previews and thumbnails, put the immaterial fabric in the Cloud and make it usable all over the world.

Outfit 02 | SS24 Fabric & Menswear Sense Collection

By adopting the Sense Fabric solution, any type of textile company will be able to create a complete digital catalogue by reducing: the number of people involved in the activities, the production times, the materials used (both as fabrics and as packaging), the number of shipments and, consequently, costs compared to the creation of a physical catalogue.

After the digitalisation of fabric, it is still possible to appreciate softness, transparency, weight, colours and reflections on its surface. An immaterial catalogue can grow over time and become a digital archive, which many producers have physically. Textile companies can thus reduce expenses on the preservation of archive samples and, non less, space in factories.

Digital fabric performs in the way that it’s even possible to “touch” it and “move it with breath” by touching the screen or blowing on the screen. Sense Fabrics can also be applied to a 3D model and used to insert that model into the real environment for an augmented reality experience.

At Milano Unica, Sense presented its first immaterial collection: fabrics and garments were designed and produced solely with digital technologies.

The fashion industry is on the cusp of a digital revolution. We at Red Eye believe that this is a blessing for the industry as it will help to make the second most polluting industry in the world more sustainable, expand the creative expression of designers as never before and simplify the work of fashion companies by helping them to be more flexible, fast-reacting and authentic.

Milano Unica is one of Europe’s biggest professional exhibitions where luxury and also fast-fashion companies meet. This is where new standards are developed for the entire market. At Red Eye, we strive to be at the forefront of innovation and we believe that digital fashion will make production more sustainable, efficient and cost-effective.

We hope that you have enjoyed this article and learned something new about the future of fashion production.


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